Envisage look back at 2018

With the new year truly underway we take a retrospective look back at 2018 with Alastair Wilkins and Rob Edwards. Diving into one of their fondest memories from 2018, we get a real snapshot into their thoughts and feelings surrounding the topic and what’s to look forward to in 2019.



Envisage look back at 2018 with Rob Edwards



First, we take a dive into 2018 with Rob Edwards, Strategy Director at Envisage. Rob talks about how we partnered with Hydeline to deliver an extraordinary high-quality stand at the Furniture show 2018. Discussing the themes of the project, time scales and our working style; Rob looks at how this project speaks everything Envisage and how he hopes it builds string relationships for the future.







Envisage look back at 2018 with Alastair Wilkins



Secondly, an insight into a 2018 memory from Alastair Wilkins, Managing Director at Envisage. Alastair explores the theme of our newly integrated CRM system, talking about how it has been a great passion of his to bring these technological advancements to Envisage for some time now. Focusing on how we are able to use these systems to push the company forward, providing a platform for closer collaboration between ourselves and clients, offering more contact points and the opportunity for everything to be tracked. Moving into 2019 Alastair offers his views of how this can evolve and only become stronger for all involved going forward, 2019 and onwards.





All in all, we have had a very exhilarating 2018 with a multitude of different and exciting memories, these just being a couple of examples. As a company we are looking forward to what 2019 has to offer, excited to develop current relationship and build new ones to come.



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