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This Is Envisage – Our new branding


Over the last few months we at Envisage have been busy putting together the finishing touches to our fresh branding and we are very excited to have finally revealed it to the world! The project has brought changes to every facet of the business, most noticeably a new logo and aesthetic, and there are a few reasons for this.

The former Envisage branding had been in place for 10 years, and had become synonymous with the company at shows all over the world. But in such a fast developing industry as events and exhibitions nothing stays still for long, and the combination of technology available and demand from clients means that companies’ have to shed their skin to keep up with the industry.

Working together with Manchester based branding agency Glorious Creative, the new Envisage brand has been in quiet development for over six months and was unveiled at the launch event that took place on the 1st July.

Envisage logo

The new logo incorporates a refreshed palette, the dominating colour being ‘Fever Red’ which compliments the confident typography and the exclamation mark which is central to the design; breathing a passion for brand experiences that is key to the company ethos.

Envisage transport

“At Envisage we ‘get’ brands. We understand their power and value. That’s why we build a brand’s essence into everything we do. Designing, building, managing and delivering brand experiences. We just happen to do it by producing great exhibition stands. And we do it all in house. From the creative design concept to the fabrication of the final structure. So customers don’t visit your exhibition stand, they step into a life-size, interactive brand experience.”

Envisage brand

With the capability to design, build, manage and deliver projects at every stage of the process all under one roof, Envisage offer a full in-house service which seats them in a unique market position; and it is these capabilities that have become central to the company’s appeal which has led to large scale projects for such global brands as Samsung, Wedgwood, Pirelli and Johnson & Johnson.

It is not only the look of the Envisage brand which has seen big changes, with investments being made to bolster the fleet of vehicles, new introductions to the team and refurbishments of the canteen and graphics studios. These changes have not only improved the quality of end product available to clients, but have been brought about as a result of ISO accreditations and working closely with employees to better align with personal wellbeing and the optimum functionality of the company.

Spearheading the branding operation was Creative Director at Envisage Chris Cotterill. Talking about the new branding he said “The rebrand has made us re-examine our position in the market and the vision of where we are going. With the experience and knowledge within the company and the fresh branding we have a great story to tell.”

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