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A bit about the project

Featuring at this year’s CIH show at the Birmingham NEC, the electrical buying group, Euronics, celebrated 25 years of operation. Operating through 11,000 independent electrical retailers in over 30 countries, the Euronics brand is one of the best known in its industry and therefore required an environment at the show to communicate its leading position with visitors. Two separate stands working alongside each other at the show was the solution; one stand dedicated to business and one stand dedicated to refreshments and hospitality. The larger refreshment stand aimed to deliver a relaxing experience to visitors, where they could take a moment to enjoy a drink at the company’s pleasure. The laid back and open design acted as an approachable extension of the brand, and a way to get visitors to address the brand in a causal manner. The second smaller stand acted as a beacon to the brand’s approach to business and positioning within the market. Saturated with relevant and copy-based graphics, the inside walls of the stand acted as visual cue cards that would spark conversation even with the quietest of visitors.

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