Exhibition Stand Lighting

Whether you are a lover of the colder months or have been in mourning since the end of daylight saving, the fireworks and lit up skies around the winter season do give a familiar respite from the dark and dank conditions (unless you are a dog of course). It could be a professional display overlooking Sydney harbour, or a renegade Catherine wheel caught on the shed as your dad frantically tries to put it out, the colourful lighting always attain the ability to draw attention.

The same principles can be applied to exhibition stand designs. Lighting can often be an expensive feature of any stand but with the use of a large lighting rig above it, as to illuminate your stand without any obvious obstructions to the design. However with money and spatial constraints this is not always an option. Therefore this is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to the art of stand lighting, and is designed to give you a few tips when it comes to lighting your stand effectively. This first one looks into accent lighting and the ways in which you can use it to extenuate the contours and design features of your stand.

Give your stand the edge

Edge glowing can be a great way of making different elements of your design stand out. Placing LED lights behind a fascia edge can give it a great glow, like this Medica stand.


Fluorescent edge glow Perspex is also a useful material that gives the illusion of having its own light source under ambient light. It can be especially effective for shapes where it may be difficult to include orthodox lighting, like this floating globe for Hampsons.


A part of the furniture

Applying lighting to objects on your stand can create an interesting edge to your stand. On this Systagenix stand, powerful LED lighting was installed into the base of a clean, white sofa to give an ambient glow within the stand. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a glowing sofa?!