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Present and correct – Giving the right freebies at your next event


Christmas is full of wonderful and cherished traditions: presents, over-indulgent Christmas dinners and spending time with family and friends. However, the receiving of underwhelming presents from loved ones is not so cherished.

We’ve all been there: the familiar Christmas procedure of gift giving gone awry (a tartan underwear set where there was anticipation of a digital camera etc.), and the awkward charade that follows. Freebies at exhibition are a lot like Christmas presents; a bit of thought will go a long way too. You need to consider your audience carefully when choosing the right items. Here are a few other tips to picking the perfect gifts to bowl over your beloved audience:

Keeping relationships sweet

Gifts can be a great way of creating new relationships with people, but they’re also an important way of maintaining and reinforcing existing ones. By calling clients prior to a show you can schedule a meeting and thank them for their business with a high value gift specific to their needs.

Flying the flag

Raising brand awareness is a key goal for many brand’s at exhibitions, but amidst hundreds of other people trying to do the same thing this can be tricky. Another good way to do this is in the gifts you give away. Successful ideas tend to show strong branding and user value, such as linen bags, ponchos, umbrellas or even neon lettering hand fans (an absolute life saver inside a hot exhibition hall). This benefits both parties. Like buying your other half tickets to a show you’ve been wanting to see. Everyone’s a winner!

Attracting the right audience

Everybody loves a freebie, which can prove to be a problem when trying to build traffic to your stand. If you’re offering a killer gift on your stand you will more than likely be giving some away to people who won’t be interested in your product. This is all well and good when trying to cover the last point, but if you want to create a conversation it may prove futile. You can address this issue by offering gifts that will only be appealing to people specific to your target audience. Things such as catalogues, magazines, autographed books or niche product samples could be good ideas.


You can use gifts as a way of encouraging people to help you out. The offer of a lovely present might be enough to get people to fill out your survey, attend a presentation or even take part in a product demo. The end item you give away will depend on level of investment you’re asking. A yoyo probably wouldn’t be enough to get someone on stage in front of 400 people. But again, items should be relevant to your target audience.

Remember us!

In the end, he most successful gifts are the ones that stand the test of time. Most gifts will get thrown in the bin and have a low memorability value. It is worth taking a look around for branded giveaways that you have kept for an extended length of time. The more often someone sees your brand the more likely they are to remember it, and the bigger ROI you will get on your gifts.

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