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Why Facebook Is Leading The Way in B2B Marketing

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Using Facebook to market your B2B business has never been easier. Making use of Facebook’s new features means that marketing professionals are now able to specifically target their audiences. Whilst at the same time building relationships with clients from around the world. Here at Envisage we understand the power of social media and have compiled a list of exactly how you can use Facebook to reach your audiences. No matter what industry you are working in or where in the world your audience may be.


Our top 6 ways to use Facebook for B2B marketing

1) Network

Become friends with contacts within the industry and even potential clients. Just remember to keep your facebook professional and don’t post things that could be embarrassing if brought up in a business meeting. I would advise a 2 facebook system, one for family and friends and one for business. Just don’t make your business facebook look too corporate, you still want people to think they are getting to know the real you. Post lots of industry relevant topics and some fun things to keep people interested.

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2) Use Facebook Groups & Pages

There are all kinds of groups and pages on Facebook for every industry, interest and profession. Not only are these groups and pages great for picking up tips and news, they are where other people go to get tips and new. Try posting your blog or website link in these groups to improve traffic to your website. Just ensure you follow and guidelines set out by admins and post relevant informative content not spam!

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3) Contact Industry Influencers

Facebook is a great place to find industry influencers. Find out who has the most likes and see what they are doing, could it work for your business? If they aren’t a direct competitor, ask them if they would mind sharing your blog.  This can help raise your profile among your target audience.

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4) Targeted Ad Campaigns

Facebook has without a doubt the most cost effective system for ad campaigns. Not only are they relatively cheap, they are now extremely well targeted. You can now narrow down your target audience by demographic, interests, behaviors and more. This means that a B2B organization who puts an add on Facebook, can target people with a specific job title, pay band, location and company. Offering something for free can be a great way to get people to click on your ad. This could be an industry specific webinar or blog post. Then ask for an email address and you are on your way to building some great leads. Just made sure you pay attention to the audience definition arrow on the right had side. This tells you how many people your campaign will reach.

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5) Use Leads from Ads

Once you have created an advert and received some leads put them to good use! You can use the email addresses to continue to engage with your audience. Try sending out a newsletter or blog post or pass over these contacts to your sales team. You can now request anyone who has liked your post to like your page. Simply click on your post likes and an invite button will appear next to the list of names.

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6) Create Shareable Content

People who use Facebook want to share content with eachother and will often have friends and contact with a similar profession on in the same industry. Why not create a set of industry specific MEMEs or post or useful and informative photos? These will then be shared between friends.

facebook b2b marketing meme

Author: Chanel Serena Morales: Marketing Coordinator

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