B. Braun NATN, Harrogate

Envisage stand design B Braun-4

A bit about the project

B. Braun Medical are one of the world’s leading healthcare companies offering an enormous range of surgical instruments backed by unrivalled service. Their traditional marketing strategy has seen them take a lot of products to the exhibition, so that healthcare professionals can see, touch, and feel the exhaustive range of equipment. With 100 percent attendee awareness of B. Braun, the new marketing strategy used the exhibition stand at NATN to revolutionise how their exhibitions could be done. Gone were the white walls and graphic panels (let’s face it there’s enough of those in any exhibition hall) and in its place was something unforgettable. The physical product was replaced with digital images of their surgical instruments constantly refreshing to get an idea of the range across. In place of the rows of product was a raised hospitality area where B. Braun representatives could meet their customers in a relaxed atmosphere. Known for their sense of humour, nurses were treated to photos from their previous night’s escapades around Harrogate town centre on the screens jotted around the stand. The social aspect of the NATN event is all important. Combining the serious business side with an element of fun is a guaranteed marketing winner.


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Envisage stand design B Braun

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