Standalytics – Data collection: How do you measure up?


Standalytics, our preferred method of measuring footfall on your stand.

94% of exhibitors, when asked, didn’t know how many people had passed or visited their stand. This is very high when you consider that footfall is one of the key factors when determining the success of a stand. Without these crucial figures, it is impossible to make informed decisions to improve performance.

There are various technologies and methods available to exhibitors which range in complexity and cost. Our client-favoured is the Standalytics system. This offers a way of recording the number of people who have passed by and walked onto the stand and engaged with your brand.

Using a sentinel secreted upon your stand, a virtual perimeter that matches the dimensions of your stand environment is created. Data is then collected from these boundaries to determine who has and who hasn’t visited your stand. Throughout the duration of the show an average figure can the be calculated.

This technology can also be applied to larger events and exhibitions. Using multiple to cover larger areas and points of interest such as demo areas, breakout rooms and lectures.

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Using the technology to segment visitor activity by area and duration, it is possible to provide vital statistics. This information will hold the key to further event predication and the procurement of sponsorship and placement.

The constant recording of information throughout the event means that data is readily available. It can then be analysed quickly and easily by C-suite and technical staff at any time.

The ability to accurately predict the effectiveness of a stand makes decision-making a lot easier. It can also help instill confidence in future events.

If you would like to find out more about how the Standalytics system can help you with your next event, please feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration.