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A bit about the project

Which works best – an open stand or a closed stand? Well on first thoughts – surely it is better to have a stand that is open, inviting and it’s easy to see what is going on. The counter-argument would be – if it’s easy to get on, then it’s easy to get off. It could also be argued that if people can see what’s there from the aisle then why bother stepping on even in the first place? Of course there is no simple answer, and as the counter-argument you need look no further than this stand for Moldex. They produce health and safety equipment such asĀ  hearing plugs and dust masks, which by their nature are small and look largely similar to every other product in the marketplace. Therefore the decision was taken to use large format images on the front of the stand and conceal the product on the back of pods that supported these images. It was obvious to visitors what Moldex do, but to see the products attendees had to step onto the stand. This gives sales staff the opportunity to engage with the customer and highlight the benefits of their products. Over 60% of the stand was then dedicated to an area at the back that was by invite only – that made for a ‘personal shopper’ experience so that Moldex staff could spend proper time assessing the customer’s requirements.

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