Smith & Nephew, WUWHS Florence

smith and nephew wuwhs


As diamond sponsors of the WUWHS event, Smith & Nephew required a stand space that would represent the brand in a strong, visual way and focus on digital rather than printed media.

As well as launching their new global communication platform ‘Closer to zero’, another objective of the stand was data capture for local market follow-up.

smith and nephew wuwhs 2


To bring life to the ‘Closer to zero’ launch, the design rationale integrated giant zeros into the structure to create both an eye catching theme and a vehicle for a social media campaign whereby delegates could make their pledges by signing the rear of the largest zero and share them to relevant platforms.

The 120m² stand provided space for various digital engagers including a giant LED screen to the front, as well as interactive demo stations that featured ipads and plasma screens. A 60″ screen within the stand also gave a space for speakers to hold presentations at published times throughout the day, to ensure that interested delegates could manage their time at the show efficiently.

The lack of enclosing walls created a spacious environment where visitors could see every aspect of the stand easily without obstruction.

smith and nephew wuwhs 3

smith and nephew wuwhs 4

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The success of the stand was evident from the consistently high number of visitors to the stand throughout the whole show. In comparison to surrounding booths, footfall on the Smith & Nephew stand was noticeably higher.

The integrated communication strategy around the ‘Closer to zero’ launch helped to raise awareness, showing a positive correlation between brand interactions through social media and the stand’s presence at the show.