Wedgwood & Waterford @ Ambiente 2017


Having created a stand for WWRD at Ambiente 2016, Envisage were once again asked to create an engaging brand environment for Wedgwood & Waterford at Ambiente in Frankfurt 2017. Choosing to separate the brands for better clarity of brand identity, Royal Doulton was given its own stand separately. This year the focus for Wedgwood & Waterford was on creating a brand experience rather than simply showcasing products. This meant portraying the way the brand should feel to the customer and engaging all 5 of their senses.


For Wedgwood, this meant using floral patterns, brand aroma and a selection of teas. The tea bar also acted as a meeting point for discussions with current and new clients. A painter, hand finishing the Wedgwood pottery added a talking point and a feel of authenticity to the event. Bird songs played in the background, whilst hedgerows and wild flowers created the feel of an English country garden.

For Waterford a mixologist, creating cocktails ensured attendees got to experience the Waterford crystal glasses first hand. Video footage we used to create an image of the beautiful Irish landscapes around Waterford. These were reflected in pools of water around the crystal vases displayed on stone plinths. Over all the stand was an outstanding success and was nominated for best in show reaching the top 10 of thousands of stands.

Wedgwood exhibition

Wedgwood floral

Waterford crystal

Waterford crystal


Over all the stand was an outstanding success. Placing the hospitality area at the centre of the space and reducing the number of products on display, facilitated an increased number of meetings than previous years. The stand was nominated for best in show reaching the top 10 of thousands of stands, a great achievement for us here at Envisage. We very much enjoyed working with the WWRD group on this project and look forward to working with them again soon.

Wedgwood showcase

Wedgwood Butterfly

Wedgwood tea set

Waterford vases

Waterford crystal